7 Best Free Math Apps for Enhanced Learning in 2022


With the digital revolution impacting every facet of our existence, the realm of education hasn’t been spared. Notably, the sphere of mathematics has experienced a sizeable shift towards digital platforms. This article serves as a comprehensive guide to the best free math apps currently available, which have been instrumental in bolstering mathematical prowess.

The Impact of Math Apps

Before we delve into our detailed app reviews, it’s critical to comprehend the value that math apps bring to the table. They cultivate a platform for interactive and dynamic learning, foster conceptual clarity, offer a diverse array of learning materials, ensure self-paced study, improve problem-solving competency, and guarantee easy accessibility.

1. Photomath: Capturing Math Problems

Topping our list is Photomath, a highly-rated and user-friendly application. True to its name, this ingenious tool lets users capture images of handwritten or printed mathematical problems, following which it provides detailed, step-by-step solutions. Moreover, each solution comes with in-depth explanations, positioning Photomath as a champion for comprehending mathematical principles.

2. Khan Academy: A Comprehensive Learning Platform

Ranked second is the highly-reputed Khan Academy. Renowned in e-learning circles for its broad curriculum, Khan Academy has made a name for itself as a superior math learning tool. Covering aspects from elementary arithmetic to intricate calculus, this app leaves no stone unturned with its interactive exercises, tutorial videos, and custom learning dashboard that ensures students can learn at an individually tailored pace.

3. Microsoft Math Solver: Your Personal Assistant

Another exemplary free resource is the Microsoft Math Solver which helps students navigate complex math problems with ease. Like Photomath, it facilitates problem-solving via a smartphone camera. It caters to a plethora of math topics, right from primary level to university level.

4. Prodigy: Making Learning Fun

The Prodigy app, catering primarily to primary and middle school students, ingeniously integrates learning with entertainment. By making video games the core catalyst for pedagogy, Prodigy’s lively platform draws students to learning math, hence simplifying challenging concepts.

5. Cymath: Your Study Partner

The Cymath app serves as a reliable partner for students keen on improving their math skills. By accepting math problems entered by users, it offers real-time solutions along with comprehensive guidance. Covering topics from algebra to calculus, this app caters to high school and college students alike.

best free math apps

6. Mathway: Covering the Math Spectrum

From tackling basic algebra to resolving complex calculus conundrums, Mathway impresses. Its convenient user interface allows problem input, subsequently generating answers complete with thorough explanations.

7. Wabbitemu: For Advanced Grades

Serving as a comprehensive repository of Texas Instruments calculator ROMs, Wabbitemu is an excellent choice for higher-grade math and science students. This app eases complex computations and replicates the original calculator interface, thereby familiarising users with advanced calculators.


The realm of best free math apps is vast and often daunting to navigate. However, this article, curated with meticulous precision, sheds light on the apps offering rich content and an exceptional user experience. These applications do not simply render math enjoyable, but also pave new roads to comprehend this challenging subject. Check out the premier app for mastering multiplication discovering the premier app for learning times tables in our other article. Happy learning!

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